• Don’t capture, visualize and analyze your data manually.
    Turn any manufacturing data into knowledge. Literally!
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  • Forget software development or stacking and powering servers.
    Focus on your business and customers!
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  • Avoid run to failure situations and reactive actions.
    Turn any data from various sources into knowledge!
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  • Serverless EDI and advanced MRP at less cost.
    For just in sequence deliveries. OEM proven!
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  • Optimize business processes in production and supply chain.
    Connect IT systems and data silos easily while adding intelligence. Instantly.
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Manufacturing and Supply Chain Intelligence made easy.

Our unique positioning is enabling us to boost our clients' cloud transformation journey through leading industry and supply chain expertise and technological competence.


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    From a technological viewpoint, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data play the key role in our economy the next years. Digital transformation now is enabling companies to discover the weaknesses of their business processes. IT system capabilities can be addressed to streamline and support them. Improved IT capabilities will allow companies to increase capital efficiency in unseen ways, especially in ares such as manufacturing, supply chain and customer relations where business margins are created.

Cloud transformation made fast.

We enable our customers to migrate and run applications in the cloud. Fast migration at less cost, more preformance and resiliency. 

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    Digital transformation requires adaptation of cloud technology. ​IT budgets shift away from capital expenses (CAPEX) to operating expense (OPEX).​ IT budgets will decrease thus capital efficiency will increase.​ Digital transformation will enable not just new but also disruptive business models.​

Simple as possible.

Our apps for smart manufacturing are turn-key but still customizable to suit manufacturing process requirements. It is high performing to handle large amounts of data and is ready for deployment within less than a week.

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    Give users in and outside of your organization an easy and secure way to explore ERP data. No more isolated data towers. factoryworkx connects to all other data sources like SAP. Simple As Possible!

Quality Data Capture and Production Performance  Tracking

factoryworkx is a cloud framework replacing inconsistent spreadsheets used to connect gaps in IT system landscape. Acquire sensor data in real-time and display it with plug-and-play devices on the shopfloor. Link isolated data silos enabling  manufacturing and supply chain intelligence. 

EDI Managed Services

factoryworkx OFTP2aaS is a fully managed cloud-based data bridge combining highest level of integration capabilities to deliver mission critical data like call-offs for sequencing. You can be sure your data is secure, consistent and governed. Serverless, no performance limits.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Create meaningful metrics and visualize data in interactive charts, gauges and dashboards which can be accessed from mobile devices. Easily add intelligence to your applications to make better decisions. Build, train and deploy machine learning fast.

Cloud Migration

We not only advise organizations to develop an effective strategy for their cloud adoption journey, but help to migrate applications and workloads to the cloud for better performance and user experience at less cost without compromising security and availability.